Saturday, May 31, 2008


It’s funny when u had a note from someone you haven’t heard for a quite timeline. Its kinda weird. I dunno. It was. Really.

This is how it sound:
“ su wife razif aka montel
juz viewed my wed pic kat entry 12..heheh..
now we already stay at jb..
i have wedding shop kat taman dahlia...
leh promotekan..heheh

CHECK THIS OUT! They even have classes!

This is Razif and Suhaida. One happy client back in my manual days.

Unbelievable. The tingling feeling at the corner of ur heart really feels weird. Its like looking back down at memory lanes and thinking of yourself “whats next?”.

I have a little story about Razif. My dearest father was a teacher in small town of Tampoi since the 80’s. Way before highway, Angsana and BBU were there to make JB as most congested roads of the southern region. Razif's father is a handsome guy (trust me) in the town and made his living by tailoring. Both of our fathers are from the same place. Parit Jawa. That’s how the bonding come all together. I must say, Johorean are quite “rasist”. LOL.

Unfortunately, Cikgu Salleh was handsome a little less than Pakcik Mansor. To be fair, he became one of Mansor Tailor’s loyal customers. From head to toe. Cikgu Salleh must have one good looking before off to school after a long school holiday. Oh, I forgot to mention that at the same venue, there is a partner in crime. Pakcik X (I really lost his name now), The Barber. Trust me, I forgot his name because its quite a while since I grew myself a facial hair and didn’t find any signage of Johor Bahru around LDP,MRR2 and PLUS highways =p

The story continues when im growing up and schooling at the small town for a while. It’s a walking distance from my primary school, to Mansor Tailor, and sekolah agama. This is like ages. Oh, man… The bonding with Mansor Tailor was passed to both of me and my brother. Since 1987.

You can count it and guess my age now. Ouch!

Those days, there are NO LONG PANTS for primary school’s students in supermarkets, Hangkiu Jaya and/or Kedai Tong Ai Lim. Im among the 0.2% of my batch to wear the long pants those days. Its like you wearing tudung (hijab) in the 1970’s (trust me, people were looking girls in hijab back in 70’s was like a Caucasians looking at terrorist. Ask AB for being a beard guy in Aussie after 911).

Me and my classmate, Najib Abdullah (now he is at UK being a proud father and overqualified engineer-low paid whatever he do there.God bless bro.Hell to terrorist!Thank you freaking caucasians) are the only two pupils geared up with long blue pants. Not to forget, all buttoned up till ur neck, without a necktie. Imagine how cute I am back then.

You know the solution. Mansor Tailor! <<<PROMOTION LAGI TU! CHECK IT OUT!

The story didn’t end that way. Hehehe…since couple years later, me and my brother’s appetite on eating my mothers cooking was tremendous! Imagine, im being in the small town with average kampong boy as friends, having couple of home-made pizzas are uber cool to those people…and yet, sharing is better. I never forget that. It’s a good habit to share a portion of food with ur friends, even a bite each. Now I realized. Why our Prophet Muhammad SAW is “berjiwa rakyat” [please,learn malay]. Oh! The pizzas…yeah…actually, it’s a typical bread with mix veggy and sliced frankfurters baked in ovens…simple as that. Oh ya! That’s how we were getting “oversized”!

You already know the solution! Mansor tailor!

He is the most reliable person to make both of us a nice custom made school uniforms. Not because we were rich, it just us being oversize! Hahahaha…

If you read this Su, this is me that you never known, and maybe. Maybe Ajip does not have much time to explore me since we were kids. Yeke? Hehehe…This is (again) an official THANK YOU to both of you to be among the earliest client I ever had *sob*sob (this supposed to be the ‘touching’ part la...)Poyos. That is the real word to describe me when come to this part. Ur sms was right Su,hehe…

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