Monday, April 27, 2009


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Its on my off day today (live). I'm facing two laptops in my dim living room at 15:00 +8 GMT (who says I'm not doing my part of "saving the energy for better future"?). On my right, its a Compaq Presario CQ40 that is suck big time to me because it can be guaranteed for hardware failure ONLY IF you installed a Vista in its belly. I've bought 3 this kind of species and I've installed an Ubuntu to support open source community. After a while, I've found it HP ONLY giving away their driver trough online AND its ONLY when you using VISTA blood line OS. Its not valid even you install XP in it. Too bad to know this anyway. Its like [-----] this close for learning a new curve in my IT knowledge. I feel bad and useless because I'm a newbie in this arena.

On the other hand, I'm learning that Windows are like the devil in the industry. They can pointing their fingers to ANYONE and they will obey them in the name of lust and crave for technology. Its sounds cliche huh? Now I'm here to obey that big devil. All for the sake of 3 years International Warranty. This laptops will be fly to Jakarta end of this month for my nephews.

Oh, to Halimah Jaafar, congratulation on your acceptance by Universitas Indonesia! She will be under the Departmen Sosiologi. Not to forget, Abu Ubaidah Zainal Ariffin for your acceptance by Universitas Gadjah Mada even the fee of Rp20mil sounds ridiculous! Take another shot if you want to...ALLAH bless you guys. We not just need a strong heart, we need a heart itself!

This April is one of a month ever. The heat, the hectic and pressures are killing everybody. Glad there is another laptop on my left. Tabs of Mozzila full of twitter, facebook, blog, flickr, windows folders, Photoshop and urls. A sip of cold plain aqua is yet relaxing....

Have a great second quarter of the year guys!

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