Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Its about time to say thank you to one of my idol in photography; Bazuki Muhammad. Why im mentioned him as my idol? Its because he is one of my influence in my journey of photography. Its because he is the one after my mentor (I'll mention later) who can really made me confidence in what I'm doing those days.

To me, photography is to sit a while, look around, blend an THEN shoot. His shots really inspired me a few years back from my 1515 connection. First glance on his "previous" website, I'm was motivate to capture MORE and telling MORE. Im using "previous" because now, the website dosent look as it is few years back. There were images where someone who not in the photography industry is doing good in the industry, Bazuki Muhammad is an architect himself graduated from The Bayou State of Louisiana. One of picture that really stunned me was (not to mention one picture where Bazuki and his girl posed with his Bammy ;p not there anymore guys!!) this one when he was at the States.

There were more of these black and white photos back then, and they were made me goes gugu gaga...its the superb quality from film photography! Its not 5D or D40 guys..hello...At that time, i own two full manual body from Nikon (I'm still clicking those shutters!). Thats why I'm really really passionate about photography. But this is why I'm saying thank you to him. Its because this picture is not being "there" for quite sometimes. I did stumbled with him once, and i did mention about this picture.

Once he told about his stories how he selected his "selected" photos. He used to select few best photos in a month (as i remember) and let his lecturer/mentor to "evaluate", and he will critic the photos. After that, Bazuki will challenge himself to capture the new image to "challenge" back last month photos to pass it and improve himself. At one point, he did not come to his mentor to evaluate his photos because he didnt have any of selected photos! Back at the university days, he was a press at the uni's newspaper. So its the answer why he shoot as above. I think, this photo was the winner from all the universities across the America! Correct me if I'm wrong.

Oh, about the photo above, I asked him " did mentioned about your "best" photos and you will not upload any of photos in your "best photo" section, even months if you dont have one". He nod and I'm asking him again "...but why you not include your "superbowl" photo u took yers back? Its on film and i think is deserve to be your "best photo" ever!". He did quite shocked and asked me " did see that photo before?! Its not in the web for quite sometimes because I'm changing my website", and i replied "yes sir". "I have to checked my archive. Hmm..I'll upload when I found it. Its quite sometime tough".

To me, its really a GREAT conversation ever when you were talking to someone u adore for his works. Hope, I'm touched his hearts about his past. Its like you sitting on Zaha Hadid works and its like you touching her. Err, is that count?

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