Friday, March 5, 2010


I've been a fan of hops for sometimes. There are variety brands form local brewery and overseas. As i can remember, I had once taste the non-alcoholic malt before, its Dutch or Germish. Anyway, there were no more on shelf. But as a Muslim (and being better one), i doubt it since couple years back.

From now on, after the invasion of the Arabs to our lovely Malaysia such as Little Libya (refer to this blog), we all can enjoy malts beverages with all our heart. Oh, for this Babrican brand, the hardest type to find is the blue label. Its unflavored. I dig more malt with no flavor which is bring the good kick of the malt itself.

Say this is the easiest way to consume guilt-free 'halal beer' or the easiest way for loosen the crave of happy hour. But, I'm against that. Hard as rock. Enjoy your beverage safe inside out.

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