Thursday, April 10, 2008


i just finished the cover design (21cmx21cm) this evening. on the other side, im just done it to be positive (to make it looks like its DONE!) LOL. im doing this for a week straight! like a robot. anyway, im way crossing the dateline! mana taknya, the client have been complaining to me. i don't know where am i wrong. standard procedure is to be completed 3weeks (21 days) after receiving the selected photos to be edited. the shooting was done in November last year, and its 5months after, still no printed photos of the occasion. i just received the list of selected photos couple months after new year.

due to 'hectic moments of my life' just happened in the same time line, im kinda lost to thinking about others, including THIS one. but then, glad there is no rude words to be thrown at me. such a good person i ever had to be counter with me and within my situation.

THAT is one of my worst attitude that i have encounter in my life. if i had a rough week, i will ignore others, situations, conversations, even myself. since couple years back, i have noticed that my room will be my mood indicator. lol. but its true. if anybody mess in my room, let it be that way, its not my job to do. im nothing to do with it. i can throw it away (what ever it is), hide it away, or just ignore it for quite many moons *sigh.

right here, right now, im begging for forgiveness to the client due to the overdue the album. s*its happened. it happen to me. it happen to anybody. this time, its me and the client. even i have sms the client, i did not ever speak to. my bad.

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