Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hari² Lanun

How servers manage themselves?
Maybe Halim and Marjan can answer this for me, since im not good in IR thingy stuff etc.

Yesterday was a mental test for me. Using NeatUpload application from the company's site, it was soooooooooo not cool when u cant commit multiple uploading! This is a serious matters when it comes to THE problem (posted in BAD ROBOT). I have to face it anyway. Never been doing the same stuff over and over and over again from 10am-5pm! It was like troubleshooting connection availability, ping some IPs and refresh cache memories. What the heaven?
Okay, i just got a call from that company's dude (after he missed my call):
Dude: "Hello, did u called me just now?
Me: "Yes, did you received my upload code yesterday?"
(maybe im a soft hearted, since im not calling him afterwards. its way pass office hour)
Dude: "OK, let me check it"

(check it?What have u done yesterday?u said will call me after i send the upload code?)
Me: "Okay"
Dude: "its the files of convocation right?"
Me: "Yes"
Dude: "Did you done the cover already?"
Me: "Yes, and its within the .zip file"
Dude: "Bla..bla..bla..."
Me: "Bla...bla...bla..."
(2min of nothing important)
Dude: "We will proceed your files on Monday, since its came late yesterday"
(thats it. no more nice guy)

Im such a soft hearted guy when it comes to not-letting-others-susah-kerja and of course, money.


Even after a grueling Friday, I slep at 3am. Wonders of works made ur eyes wide open and cant noticed any working clock available. I was redesign my website (still have 2datelines on a line) since its not that what im visualized in my desktop and mind. So there were Photoshoping, ImageReadying and Dreamweaver (Im learning slicing!Not that bad) and FileZilla involved. Here some teaser from the contact page. Personal fav!

Afterwards, Im thiking of downloding some stuff on torrent. Its quite a while im not torrent-taining (its entertaining! ;p) Download BitTorrent and straight to PirateBay! claimed that they are the "Traker BitTorrent Terbesar Di Dunia!" .What a shock...its written on Bahasa Melayu! (berbaur jakun) Gotta share this with others due to its amusement.
Bertuahnya saya! Ekekeke...its really funny when it came to straight translating. I dig for "Mari Melanun!" on the "Carian Lanun". Oh, today I shud be in diffrerents venue 10am at Menara Pucuk Rebung for an invitation on Taklimat Khas Usahawan TM, 7pm Sean Kingston performing LIFE! Im more on "kereta aku takde air-cond, tingkap takleh bukak" and "datelines...datelines". Furthermore, this afternoon i shud be at Wetland Putrajaya to do a event shooting conduct by SignLab. Own by couples that i known for a years. How lucky i am? Alhamdulillah...but I really have another things to been done. Esok, job! May there are incoming rizkillah...

Hari ni aku rasa boleh senyum banyak kot...aku jumpa blog (alamak, lupa) dan ada pautan satira ini. Dimana kuasa kita sebagai suara majoriti? "Apa kata dunia!?" (Nagabonar) Hehehe...keghairahan bekerja membuatkan kita lupa ada dunia lain...Nikmati!

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