Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kingdom of distress

Its been a hectic week since april came along. Despite a massive headache from failure-to-read burned deeveedees, .dll *&^% files (typical XP) to photographic and short term memory lost, i gave meself a time off on sunday. Its been a last minute decision and verdict was made; ZOO NEGARA! brain was like "Dah lama giler tak pegi zoo nih, ada lah dalam 5 tahun...err,keje banyak lagi tak siap,nanti penat la,migrain la...ahh...pegi jelah,dok merap dlm umah pun, org takde, gile pe? agak² la nak wat keje pun.". was a great outing with my sisters close friends' children. But...when its dealing with just a 3hrs outing. I dont wanna talk bout it, but its worth know la!

FYI, when talking about zoo negara, couple individual in my family 'involved' in this particular zoo and animals thingy. Start with myself, im kinda allergic to cat, a fan of Zoo Johor and SAFARI Johor (R.I.P.). Cousins of mine are constant 'funder' of WWF (including me, not anymore...oh, obviously not the wrestling!), my other cousin work with WWF organization, a bau² tapak kaki sulaiman of me (used to be my brother's in law niece) a current employee with zoo negara itself. Okay, those 3hrs long outing was less than a mile from my house. But the ticket was way expensive than what we get from there. Is that it? This question will be answered by ourself. Price tag of RM15.00 for an adult ticket seems like a half week of petrol for our car or even daily travel to work. Have we thought how 'they' survive in the half-urban-man made-jungle with help from people fundings, private sector, volunteers and even from feeding food for animal profit?

These matters have been an issues for many years. But we can simply say "alah, takan la zoo tu takde duit sangat" or "apasal busuk beno bau zoo tu?" and "buruk giler zoo, tiket RM15!!". These are what people might said and as a ice braking converse with friends and relatives. Have we thought how can 'those' creatures adapt with man made civilizations, food to eat and vaccination to keep them "alive". We ourself even cant afford ActiveFast for some reasons!!! So do they. Its probably hundreds of species (420+) and thousands of threats from disease.

From this point, i can be emotional or factional. Zoo Negara itself coping a burden of Rm8.71 mil for its expenditures. Looks like 'remeh-temeh' figure? I dont think so. To adopt the 3 elephants (the ONLY 3) there, they cost you Rm30,000.00. You do the calculation. If you can consume approx 5 pinggan nasi sehari, how about 7000kg elephant can consume a food counted by plate?

From those unofficial figure from half-'unknown' source, im already stop myself funding the WWF. Why? Let them solve their own problem of Amazonian and some Australian billabong crocs. Im focusing Malaysia. Here. Now. Whay again? Just imagine, WWF is an NGO. IF a meeting will held in Malaysia with..let say couple of Belorussians and Caucasian (no heart feeling), WWF malaysia will be 'funding' them to fly first class to malaysia, give 'shelter' and 'feed' them insted of feeding and protecting some Bengal tiger somewhere in India. Meeting in Malaysia? Do they know something called INTERNET? Or they just a bunch of Sumateran abroginies who just learned how to wear a boxer?

If Malaysia? You can contact Zoo Negara yourself and ask for their board of directors. Not even quarter of them are non-malaysian. No hanky panky or internal bleeding (hope so). To maintain a tiny zoo (compare to other 'leading' zoo) can build a mega project.

I rather sadaqah some greens, reds and blues to the animals. I like tiger! :D
OR...have some ice cream! How about you?

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