Friday, April 4, 2008

what do you see lately?

(originally posted on deleted blog on Wednesday, November 28, 2007)
rankly, i have my past time (so-called) obsession back for this past couple month back. its a single lens reflect thingy that was abbreviate as SLR. i've been 'skodeng' (see something trough a hole) tru this gadget since early millennium. since then, im learning how to see the world from a diffrent prespective. yet, its working. with the mid 90's technology, i came out with an idea of capturing a different angle of the world trough silhouette. the wild part was,its the fasting time and im going there alone. the place was the 1000 of stairs to hindusim heaven (i called it because its quite a journey to reach the temple). its the batu cave hindu temple. and thank god its in malaysia ;p even though im ended sleeping tru all day long (squatting at my brother's hostel nearby), the result was marvelous. oh, the print was done in manual...its even wilder i think.
i simply blame this obsession to my late father (al-fatihah), a great father, funny guy, proud as a teacher, loyal friend, dedicated photojournalist, writer and surprisingly...a poet. there still a long list of him...but i take this one short. in '92 i was bring to the local photo shop to buy me a present. my first camera prima. its a token of appreciation from him for the hard days of standing under the fan, half-naked until i can remember the 'sifir' brother still laughing at me today. oh, ya...the canon prima...its because i got full 4 As in my exam. on the last day of school, the whole 36exposures roll was used. that is among my first shots and how do i see the world of mine that day.
ever since my existence, the camera hole was been skod-ed me for a lot of times and memoir events. from my naked pose, to the sad moment, pose like the royal tenenbaums in sweat shirts, to the day of my kindergarten sport day (published at the end of the day in local newspaper), and on my mid school result day was published in front page nationwide...unfortunately, im not that famous with straight As in my report books. yet, the excitement of knowing how the world spinning around you..its priceless.
ive been sitting in front of this pc since 4 hours ago and i can see the world that i never seen before. yela...its from the net im surfing trough... ;p anyway, the surfing addiction made me more obsess to my obsession more obsess...(correct my words if im wrong). we want to see th world like anyone who saw it trough the holes...the ev,stops, setting still a mind boggling to me.

i think i wanna sleep and see me in the bright future in my sweet dream...

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