Friday, April 4, 2008

im stuck lately

(originally posted on deleted blog on Thursday, November 29, 2007)
for couple of weeks, i found myself stuck in small room.however, its not a small room anyway,its a huge room with lots of me? ah,fogedit! glad im not a cluster phobic insane guy who stuck in the little room and panicking with no reasons. i was thinking, how do england citizen can live and do phone calls in small red box? hehehe...funny eh? i dont think so. its only my imagination. i found out one teen photographer who manage to capture the 'red boxes' in variant ways and it looks attractive! i wish i can see how he can see the red boxes can pose to him. as for me who stuck in this room, i can stay hundreds of hours in front of the tube and this pc...without or a little sunlight. im not see the real world outside the room. i just saw them trough the little windows that stick to these rooms in the room. lovely...birds,squirrels,plane and cats...

i wanna go out when the sun is setting down...

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