Friday, May 2, 2008


This is the same title with my flickr entry [why this is the 2nd time i mentioned flickr?]

I found back my LOVER recently. and im in love again. to me, every day is valentine day. Anyway, St. Valentine is nobody and Valentide Day is like Satur Day and Sun Day. Its just start with letter V and everybody doing it like its an obligation.

  • Im still not finish 3books in "my" shelf.
  • Im done doing shopping for myself.
  • Im in "power laundry" [I'll be away for a week].
  • Im still not clean my room. Its earth day on the other week, and im just leave as it is basis.
Save the dust!

And this is me arguing with myself!

"Apasal aku nak kena buat ni semua?"

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