Tuesday, June 10, 2008


have u ever cry for stupid reason?

your pet die.

had a terrible accident.

fail in exam.


a closest friend just married.

got fired.

just quit.

being lonely.

being lost.

got robbed.

missed a bus.

backstabbed. not from behind.
or u can call it frontstabbed.

some of those example maybe not stupid at all to you. ive been trough those phases in my life.

i never cry.

except being fired, i never been fired. heart broken? it was my imaginary girlfriend. im hardly remember her name anyway.

but. if you combined all those reasons that not made u cry.

u will.

even u will cry without a reason.

when a guy stand in front of you. there is a mountain high of ego and dont forget, there is a deepest sea of sorrow.

ive been cry for a reason.

many times.

ALLAH knows what his filthy slave feels.

I will meet HIM always.

ALWAYS as always.

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