Tuesday, June 17, 2008


  • Just got back from Selayang Hospital. Ibu warded because of Epilepsy or "fit"/fits.
  • Straight back to my pc to done designs (wish to meet Parangterbang for the printing tonite).
  • Still messy with "stuffs".
  • BALAU called (he is in town).
  • KAK LILY sms & called for photoshoot.
  • ALFIAN & ATENG sms, asking me when i will confirm the "reunion".
  • HANIS sms me to settle "some things".
  • Client sms, asking me to check my bank account.
  • Client sms, asking me to send album on weekdays.
  • UDA sms, already booked hotel at Kinabalu.
  • Bad hair days and i think just let the facial hair grow like a pro.

"This is the point when you dressed up handsomely, on the top of the hill, enjoying the moment, came a bird and shit on ur shirt"

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