Thursday, June 12, 2008


Ive been Googling for fun this afternoon, since Im just found a great way to Bookmarking online by Google for dummy like me :D I'll post it later. Its a show off entry this time. I found my images on others blog! YEY! (cc) licencing really put u on the map. at least. Here two of em that i manage to share here (just this two anyway,hehe)

This is an entry from TerryRoberts of MarginsXs Digital Photography. Taken from my flickr stream title 3 SUPER SAIYAN BROTHERS.

This one from Robert. The image was taken from this funny title "CAR WASH anyone?"


Robert said...

And here I made it to your blog 'cause you linked to mine! What a circle :)

That car wash photo is awesome. I appreciate your use of Creative Commons so we can all make excellent use of your work.

Keep up the excellent stuff!

Padhma said...

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