Tuesday, August 5, 2008


This cute dude is someone that i knew for quite a while. 10 years sounds like ages? Nah...trust me. Im always update with him since after hiskool trough the net. Yeah..we were among the minority that live in the net in our batch. Who cares others who went to the Europe or Central Asia. They dont do net stuff thingy. Such a waste. We who stuck in our lovely country..opps..this dude did fly to the Outback for a while. He is one of my unsung hero ;)

Frankly said, I did not score my Engrish well those time. Yup. I did like 7? I think that me and this dude understand the word "where we stood". Hehe..me myself don't understand what im thinking now. Anyway, the most funky memoir with this dude is when we were among the (i think we were the ONLY) guys who really enjoy good music in late 90's.

Still remember the Prodigy? Their single like Firestarter from The album Fat of The Land (which is the loud visual of red crab for the cover album) always my humming for BBQ [LOL]. That is one of my fav pick of that year (launch at '97) other than the SEX PISTOLS, R.E.M. and Siti Nurhaliza (hell yeah!). Music really take me back to memory lane. Like The Beatles.

Erm, when spend some q time with old pal is really nice. Im using "nice" because it is really "nice"...like u always said from the bottom of ur heart: "just nice". The nice part is not always be everywhere and every time u ever been.
Komplot aku jmpt z je,he,aku tingat dl jamming dgn ko,sume xpki bj kt umah aku,ko men drum,haha,tetek2,he,really miss dat time siyot,najib kt newcastle?peh hebat2!aku cume dpt kntk gombk,kenit,paji,param,tawil,skat,yg len aku lost la,ko xnk ke plan mlm ahad tu kte p minum ramai2 ke? z n gombak kompom 2run.


Kahar will be married this end August. My other lineup for '95 dude are: Najib, Khairil, Kahar, Scud, Sahir, Adi, Kemut, Md. Noor, Nyamuk, Ragom, Montel , Hudha bla..bla.. 3rd 1/2 of this list are married. AB belongs to my '97 lineup.

13 years ago we did listen to Metallica, Nirvana, Green Day and some Smashing Pumpkins, Alice in Chains, Perl Jam, Ugly Kid Joe, Stone Temple Pilots, Foo Fighters, Bush, not to forget Weezers... Enough with the list kot. Its funny when we were really listen to the 1st 3 lineup (see above) "religiously" and remember every single line of their lyrics and cords! Phew! What music create us huh that time? We will jamming in the dorm (even our warden live next door!), staircase, showers, bus, class...not many of us really make it in the industry.

Note that z (zac partician) from Komplot, was my fello friend from skool. He did skate with my other dude, Khairil. One more dude in the list, Gombak a.k.a. AS of the Corumn 80's a.k.a The Corumn was my class mate,same as AB. These are the ones who are somewhere im my history book (of music).

Oh, i think not many guys out there know the what lies under the Oh Reena track from The Corumn. Gombak really did had a crush with a girl (Science class kot) named Rina (nama sebenar dirahsiakan). U did something bro!

So as u AB! U score better than me.. 5 really make a difference. Wakakaka...

p/s: AB, all Air Asia flights overseas are not as always as they claimed (latest) and not all their seats are can be adjust. Take the Tiger or else..MAS?

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