Sunday, March 29, 2009


Good Morning Sunday!

Yesterday morning, while I'm bored in the loo...(just dont ask) i just pick random 20 person in my handphone's phone book to get my "Morning!" sms. I still can't believe that with just simple text to your friends, it will get a great impact and respond afterward.

You can say "unfortunately", but i can say its more to "surprisingly" half of that number do respond my sms with three main replied. It will be listed as below:
  1. Morning! - kpool
  2. Yes moning, ni tslh hntar ke pe. - kudi
  3. aik, biar betol - iman
  4. Hi..jusw woke up or u r at pekeliling? - neri
  5. M0rning2! - sy
  6. ~10 min call~ - ghom
  7. Hai, buat aper tue? - aishah
  8. Ko mimpi ke ape?tetibe je muncul - V
  9. Morning friend, sorry aku baru baca msg ko, nino baru aku, no lama pakai lg tp jrg bwk phone tu, apa cerit? ko fwd email aku kt solvee kan? - nunjai
  10. ~tru YM~ nuwa - nana
In these 10 text replied to me, kpool and aishah lost my number. Kpool didnt remember who I am as he be frank. aishah act cool even tough she cant get who I am. The funny part is, I was itended to text her friend named asiah...hahaha...anyway, its a 0-0 result.

The other number, kudi, iman and V are obviously kind of suprised. V is exeptional because I'm rarely texting her after her gig moved to Singapore. I'm was told that kudi's wife just undergoing a surgery. Oh man, I just can give them my words of wisdom and doa for her health. No further comment on iman,haha...his act of replying a text is in the rate or rare.

And the rest are replied as expected. Neri was just woke up from her 12hours on-call. sy just skiping class, and we texting the whole day. ghom's reply was unexpected, hes a good chap on checking his friends doing. nunjai text was a little bit late. He is in the other side of the continent, and i really miss this guy. Last time, friend of us called me to get him on the phone just to inform that his father went to ICU for the 3rd time. It was 3months ago, and I lost him after that with no YM reply, no e-mail reply. I simply marked him MIA. nana in the other hand, she was replying using her YM. This one is funny. I was texting the OTHER nana, and she mistaken that today is my birthday! Hahahahaha...

There you go. Simple text will lead you to unexpecting drama.

Happy Birthday to me! Wakakaka...


kucingorengemok said...

hahaha, patut la di hari yang indah itu laki eden tanya, "sepupu ko salah hantar msg eh?" haha

anuarsalleh said...

Hehehe...tau dah eskpresi tersebut

AzySyh said...

ahaha Selamat Hari Tua!!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday..or should i say happy belated birthday=)
sorry i tak tau pun..=(

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